Meet Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris as been providing personal and professional services to busy individuals since 1997.

Originally offering housecleaning services to her clients, Lisa soon realized that the busy professionals that she was working for required help with so much more.

Lisa has over the years expanded her services to include everything from day to day errands, to pet and house sitting to hiring and supervising contractors and service people.

Most of Lisa’s clients spend a significant amount of time away from their homes. Long days at the office, weekends at the cottage and travel. Norris Concierge Services provides them with the extra help that they need around the house and gives them the piece of mind to know that things are properly monitored and taken care of while they are away.

Lisa’s love for animals makes her the ideal person to care for her client’s pets while they are away. No longer do they have to board their animals and worry if they are being properly cared for.

Norris Concierge Services take some of the stress out of a busy lifestyle and provides its clients with extra time to focus on what matters most.