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Toronto, York Region, Durham Region

Meet Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris as been providing personal and professional services to busy individuals since 1997.


Originally offering housecleaning services to her clients, Lisa soon realized that the busy professionals that she was working for required help with so much more.


Lisa has over the years expanded her services to include everything from day to day errands, to pet and house sitting to hiring and supervising contractors and service people.


Most of Lisa’s clients spend a significant amount of time away from their homes. Long days at the office, weekends at the cottage and travel. Norris Concierge Services provides them with the extra help that they need around the house and gives them the piece of mind to know that things are properly monitored and taken care of while they are away.


Lisa’s love for animals makes her the ideal person to care for her client’s pets while they are away. No longer do they have to board their animals and worry if they are being properly cared for.

Norris Concierge Services take some of the stress out of a busy lifestyle and provides its clients with extra time to focus on what matters most.

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Client Testimonials

Jan & Randy

Lisa Norris has been cleaning our home for 20 years! We have moved during this time, and we asked Lisa to “move” along with us. Lisa is very thorough, conscientious, and extremely trustworthy. Lisa approaches her work in a very business like manner, while being approachable and friendly.


Because Lisa is so reliable we began utilizing her for our pet and house sitting. We travel and are very careful with who we trust enough with our furry family. Lisa has been pet sitting our 2 cats for 15 years. We are completely relaxed when away from home knowing that Lisa will take great care of them, and truly cares for them. She loves animals!


In the past few months Lisa has looked after our dog as well. She lived in our home and took excellent care of our 3 pets. Lisa also communicated frequently throughout her stay ensuring that we knew all was great at home.

While we’re away Lisa also picks up our mail daily, and ensures that our home looks “lived in” from the outside. No buildup of newspapers etc.

Lisa has also taken it upon herself to shovel the snow when we’re away!

We have become friends with Lisa and she makes it possible for our family to travel without any worries about our home or our wonderful pets.


Julia & Peter

Lisa Norris has provided her concierge services for us at our townhouse near Yonge and St Clair for four years.


We use her service to help manage our home as we travel frequently.

She monitors our home during our absence. She attends to last minute errands we have not been able to address prior to our departure. We have found her to be honest, reliable,  flexible in making herself available at the last minute, and very thorough with great attention to detail in any requested task.

She not only identifies potential problems during our absence, she seeks a solution runs her plan by us, and puts it in place so the issue is often resolved before we arrive home. She provides ample documentation and follow up so on our return we can verify the severity of the initial problem and feel confident about the subsequent resolution. We have had several episodes during our absence where bad weather, power outages and plumbing problems had the potential to cause substantial damage and Lisa addressed these concerns for us. She has developed a good working relationship with our townhouse managers and coordinates with them as required.


She is willing to operate outside her usual services when needed for example she provided some interim daytime care for a needy puppy.


Her service has enabled us to manage our travel requirements smoothly and most importantly with peace of mind.

L.R. - Toronto

I have worked with Lisa for over ten years, and in that time she has been extremely helpful to me. 


She helps my household to run smoothly, and I completely trust her with the security of my home.  In addition, she has been able to take on any other tasks that I have asked her to do.  Her judgment is sound, and she is incredibly reliable. If I didn’t have Lisa’s help, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be able to get half of the things done in my life that I currently do. 


I highly recommend Lisa’s services!


L.R. Toronto


Get To Know Us

Norris Concierge provides you with extra time in your life to do what you really want. We offer a wide variety of personal and professional services designed to help today’s busy person focus on what’s important to them.

All services are tailored to meet each individual clients needs.


The types of services we offer are: Home and pet sitting, vet visits, grocery & personal shopping, meal preparation, dry cleaning, home organization, light cleaning, party planning, to name just a few.

“Our services are limited only by imagination.”


Norris Concierge Services is insured and bonded. Servicing York and Durham Regions.


Norris Concierge Services is fully insured and bonded.


Servicing York and Durham Regions.


Norris Concierge Services is a proud member in good standing with both The Whitchurch-Stouffville & Uxbridge Chambers of Commerce.

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